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Hi there! I'm Brandy

I've lived in Circleville my whole life and I can't imagine my life any other way. My husband Andrew and I are parents to Jude, Hank, Nevalene, Tennyson, & Dean.  We live on a farm filled with wildlife: mules, donkeys, cats, dogs, chickens, and one crazy goat!  My clients come from all surrounding areas, but my little cottage studio is right here on our farm in Circleville, Ohio. 


Growing up, I went from a kid who despised Barbies & dolls and was never interested in babies to an adult who birthed 5 children and found a soft spot for these tiny, fresh, little humans. To be able to hold new life in your hands is rewarding and I truly enjoy the creative process.  I have been told that my late grandmother was camera crazy too and I have to think I get it from her :) 


Photography started out as a hobby for me when I discovered it while filling a credit my last quarter at Ohio State University in 2001.  I quickly realized how gratifying it was to hold something in your hand that you created and cherish just by pushing a button. While at OSU I had the opportunity to use a film camera, which is the first camera I ever purchased and I still have it.  Developing my images in a dark room using film was so awesome!  I always said I would have my own dark room someday.  But, times have changed and it's a digital world!


While this isn't my livelihood, it is an outlet for me. I do it because it's what I want to do and I feel lucky that I found the thing in life that makes my heart happy.  I truly feel that pictures of loved ones are one of the most valuable gifts you can ever give someone. 

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